Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Messy Me

Here we are another week gone by since we last chatted. Things are busy as normal for this mom of 2 active girls. Still trying to have a "normal" dating life as well. Mr. 7 and I are back in the swing of things and seem to have made it through another episode of "I don't see you enough". Whoever said that life would ever slow down surly got it messed up. Sometimes I revel in the game of trying to get everything done and still live a happy and full life. In the morning I commit to making that day a Great Day regardless of how much I have on my plate. Seems to be working.

Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference. ~Winston Churchill

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Dating A Guy With No Kids

The crazy thing about dating a man with no kids is that he starts to acts like a child himself more than maybe your own kids. He want time. He wants to be held every night. He wants dinners and snacks. He wants to go to the park and occasionally to the playground (adult playground that is). Then when you can't spend time with him, he throws a fit. Gets cranky and probably needs to take a timeout. That is exactly what is happening with Mr.7. He is "frustrated" with me. He can't see me as much as he would like and he misses me. At this point, I'm not really sure how to fix this issue. I am letting it SIT. He hasn't called since yesterday. I emailed him about how much I care about him. No response. I guess I wait. You cant control other peoples feelings and emotions. What I do know is that he cares about me. Those feelings don't just go away. I can only hope that they are strong enough to bring him back my way.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Its a Bunch of Hullabaloo

Hullabaloo. Crazy, Stupid, Confusion. A loud noise or uproar.
That describes my current mental state at this time to a tee. Mr. 7decided last night, after I couldnt meet him for dinner he informed that he was going to dinner with a "persistent and respectful" girl. What the hell does that mean ?
Well, obviously, we are really gonna need to talk. No way does this girl play 2nd fiddle to anyone.
You would think at this time in my life that the men are date would no longer act like boys. Once again, I was proven wrong.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Really ? You Want To Talk ?

For those of you that know me, you would agree that I am not one that puts my feelings out there for others to scrutinize and run over. I have a layer that very few can break through. I'm really not that difficult to figure out, I just have a hard time trusting people and letting them into my life.
What I thought was a very nice, well-thought, full of feelings and emotions e-mail to Mr.7, turned out to be nothing more than a slap in the face. To my amazement, the entire email was broken down and then to top it off I was questioned about my use of words. Asking me "what did you really mean" ? Are you kidding me ? I meant what I wrote. That's what I meant. So, as I sat there trying to explain myself about something that I thought was meaningful, I became slightly resentful about making the attempt to be open and communicate with this guy.
Now its the next day and usually the mind clears and your able to see things from a better perspective. Not so in my case. I am at a place where I wonder if this is right for me ? If even on those rare occasions I make attempt to be a loving girl is this the person who will take me as I am ? Will he understand me ? Take my words for what they are ? I thought he was the guy who would get me. Now I'm not so sure.