Sunday, March 29, 2009

I Think Men Need Specific Instructions

One mistake that I continue to make over and over is to think that a man can understand what I'm saying. I mean they listen, (I think), But do they comprehend the words ? In order for a women's needs to be met as she wishes, its always going to be better just to say it. No matter how embarrassing, or blunt we must be. Men just aren't as good at reading between the lines as us women are.
So as I become more insistent on what is acceptable for me in a relationship and what is not I realize that I have to communicate in a way I have never done before. If I don't, guess what ? I get the same crap I have had in the past.
I've also become less acceptable to flaws that i could look past before. Don't get me wrong, I'm not looking for a Perfect person in every single area, but things that are important to me will not be overlooked. Sometimes that's hard. I may have a great connection but if my needs are not met and I feel incomplete in a certain area, then that relationship may not work for me anymore.
What it comes down to is this. My boy, (Mr. 7), is amazing, fun and easy on the eyes. But I have concerns with his reluctance to meet my family. Not because I'm trying to get him to walk me down the aisle. My reason for wanting him to meet my family, is because my 2 sisters are my best friends. I value their opinion. He knows some of my other girlfriends, why not them ?? Maybe he is nervous or scared. Don't know. Or maybe because he is an only child his value of family is different than mine. Whatever it is, I cant fix his issues on it. I can only worry about me and what will and won't be acceptable for me.

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