Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fall Brings New Beginnings

It's been a busy start to the fall season. My girls are busy with college and Jr. High. And my Vegas friend decided to move back to California. Very shocking to me to say the least. He called me on his move here saying he was done with Vegas and wanted to be back in Cali, which he is originally from. He also informed me that he was "moving here for me". Ok? He must be kidding, right?
Anyway, my friend and I ran the Long Beach Half marathon on Oct. 17th and that was awesome. Finished in 2 hours and 10 mins. Months prior I had invited Mr. Vegas friend to come to Long Beach to watch the race. Little did I know he actually would show up at the finish line waiting for me. Now I do have to say, I thought that was pretty awesome. No one does that. My own sisters won't even go to one of my races. So we hung out with my friend and her husband and a few other friends and we watched football at a local bar down by the race. We had lots of fun and he got along well with everyone. Since we both had cars in Long Beach, we left about the same time to head home and just followed each other. We decided to stop off at a burger place once we got back to our home town. We ate and had good conversation. He is a really fun person and seems to get all my quirks. And doesn't mind my flaws or least he didn't seem to be repulsed by my sweatyness at the racing finishing line.
I really am intrigued by Mr. Vegas. We have been friends for many years now and we both know quite a bit about each others past, both good and bad. We always have had great conversations but now that he is here, it somewhat changes the dynamic.
Life is always throwing stuff at you and the only thing we can control is how we react to it.

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