Monday, August 2, 2010

Well that was FUN

Vegas trip was very uneventful. That is not the word I prefer to use when recalling my Vegas weekend. I like words like "bananas" and "out of control" and maybe even "fun". Oh alright, I'm being my normal braty self. Vegas was alright. I guess when your boyfriends sister marries a guy old enough to be her father you can't expect too much excitement. Again, very braty of me and so rude. We layed by the pool, had some cocktails. Gambled a bit. And the highlight was the Flamingo showgirls shakin their little booties topless. Thrilling. Not a single chick even had boobs to shake so it really was rather boring. But now I can say "I have been to a real Vegas show". Whoopeeee!!!!
But I do like Mr. Blind Date. Atleast for right now. The little quirks that we all have, well, his are startin to bug. Back to the I don't know/maybe/maybe not the one, questions in my head.
Chat later.

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