Saturday, May 22, 2010


So my blind date when well. I'm not gonna lie, he is a bit short for me and my 4-5 inch heels. But overall, seems nice. We have gone out to dinner a few times and hung out. I'm definitely moving slow with this one. He is very outspoken with his, what I like to call, 'infatuation' with me. Always complementing and opening the door for very much a gentlemen. Even sent me flowers already. He's asking me to go away with him and his family, mom included, for a Palm Springs weekend. Seems a bit too soon for all that. But I guess they have had this planned for sometime. Maybe, I'm nor sure yet. Haven't decided if he's the one yet or not. Always thought the 'ONE' would be so obvious to recognize that all my 'maybe's' and 'I don't knows' would totally disappear.

P.S. I need to come up with a code name for this guy. Any ideas?

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