Thursday, May 14, 2009


Just when you think things are going great life throws you a curve ball and you realize that what you thought was great someone else felt was mediocre. That is what I got smacked with this morning. It really is annoying when asking a question gets turned around as snooping or being nosey. When in fact, its was only a question. Why do men get defensive when you ask them something ? I'm not jealous. I could care less about him going out with friends or whatever, but it always seems like I am invading their privacy.
Without communication, It becomes difficult to remain open and honest with your partner. I don't want to feel like I cant say whats on my mind or ask whats on his. I'm starting to think that his irritation with simple questions is a way for him to keep his distance. Hope that's not the case, but I know I'm getting very frustrated.

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