Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Good, The Bad and The Junk Inbetween

I should be shouting on the roof tops. Jumping for joy. I would if I physically could. I ran the Surf City Huntington Beach half marathon and set a person best time of 1:52. My goal was to break 2:00. Well, I did that and then some. But around mile 12.5 I felt and heard a rip in my heel. The throbbing pain was excrutiating. I limped to the finish line. Scared to stop walking because I could feel my foot tightening up. Over the next few hours it got so bad I couldn't bear any weight on it. The happiness of setting a PR was kicked away by my aching foot.
Over the next few days, I iced, stretched, medicated this pain. Heaven forbid I actually see a doctor about this. That would only validate that I did in fact injury myself. But yesterday I gave in. I went to the physical therapy department at the hospital for an ultrasound. As I figured, it's plantar fasciitis. It's common among runners. My friend showed me how to wrap the heel and some different stretching exercises to do as well. He also suggested KT tape. I guess this tape is a miracle in itself. I actually went to bed last might believing so much in this stuff that I set my alarm to get up and run this morning. Once I took that first morning step, I knew that run wasn't happening. What a disappontment. Another day with no running. I crave my runs. I mentally need them. My attitude suffers terribly when I don't get my daily dose of pavement pounding in.
So at this point, I take it day by day. I'm truely hoping that I'm back on track here very soon. I'm not sure how much more my family and friends can handle the grumpy side of me.

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