Thursday, April 1, 2010

Live and Learn

It's been awhile since I've posted anything. Life is good. Working in pediatrics right now. I like it and it's keeping me on my toes. Never thought I would have the patience to work with kids. Who am I kidding, i'm still lacking in the patience department.
In the love department, not much to talk about. Friends with the Mr. 7 and very happy to have realized that I deserve more. I deserve a man that loves and adores me and isn't afraid to share how he feels about me. Not sure why I was attracted to a 36 year old who wants to be the star DJ at his own house partys every weekend. A guy who's idea of a weekend away also includes sharing a room with all his friends or other couples. What was I thinking??? Live and learn I guess.
So besides that, life is moving right along. I figure when love does show up at my doorstep it will be when I least expect it. And you know how every girl loves a good surprise!!!!

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