Sunday, August 9, 2009

My Perfect Man

ADORES me, But doesn't let me walk all over him.
Make Me SMILE, But doesn't kiss my ass.
Can Make Me LAUGH, And tickling doesn't count.
Has FRIENDS That Are Girls, who get along with me but he knows where to draw the line with them.
Knows how to KISS me and makes me feel like he's speaking to my SOUL.
Lets me act SILLY and Goofy, but makes me feel like I'm the Sexiest women in the world.
Lets me fall asleep in his ARMS, but isn't bothered if I wake him in the middle of the night for some Lovin.
Understands how important my FAMILY is too me and knows how lucky he is to be able to call them his FAMILY as well.
Treats my DAUGHTERS like they were his own, and doesn't make them feel inferior.
Always on MY SIDE even if I'm wrong, and will tell me nicely when we are alone.
Tells me how he FEELS about me because he wants too and not because I ask.
Knows how much I value HONESTY, with the good and the bad.
Makes me feel SAFE and SECURE, and I'm never scared that he will hurt me or let anyone else hurt me.
Will never go to bed mad, angry or with issues unsettled because he values US.
A man that knows I can be stubborn and act very tough, but inside I'm just a little girl wanting a man to love me with all my flaws and imperfections. A man who makes me want to be a better person. A man who encourages my strengths and overlooks my weaknesses.
Doesnt seem like a very big order to fill, but I have yet to find the PERFECT MAN.
Yes I'm a dreamer. Yes, I believe in Fairy Tales. Yes. I believe in Happily Ever After. That will never change. He is out there and one day I will find him.

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