Friday, July 24, 2009

Loving Smile From Mr. Sunshine !

I never thought there would be a day when I, Ms. Chatterbox, didn't have anything to complain about. So with that being said, I do hope that you are enjoying your summer and spending lots of quality time with the ones you love. That is my personal goal. To really live in the moment and enjoy the littlest of things that life brings us. Even on the worst of days we must find something that makes us happy. A smile, the sun, a cup of coffee, a cute puppy, a laughing baby. Those things always bring a smile to my face. But what I really strive for are the smiles that touch my heart. The hugs and kisses from my girls, the "I Love You Mom"'s, kisses on my neck from my sweetie, my little Lucky cuddling in bed with me, and watching my nieces and nephews play. Those are the big, show all your teeth smiles, and those will always be my most valued smiles. I hope your heart is smiling today.

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