Thursday, July 2, 2009

Little Piece of Heaven

Sometimes we have to take little pieces of the puzzle to see the whole picture. I'm trying to see the good in everyday. I have to believe that there is something I can smile about even when my troubles seem to consume my mind. It is true what they say about your thoughts controlling your outlook and attitude on life. Being mad, rude or angry with others because my life isn't exactly how I think it should be only makes me feel worse. I'm choosing to be happy. And if I wake up unhappy and grumpy, I find something that will put a smile on my face. I want my girls to see the world this way as well. It makes things so much easier.
So look at the clouds and make animals out of them. Listen to the birds sing. Watch the kids play at the park. Eat a Popsicle. Pick flowers. Skip instead of walk. Sing in the car and watch how much you make others smile (or laugh). Try it. You just might find that it really is the simple things in life that can bring you so much joy.

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