Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Reality Check

Sometimes it takes words that hurt to make you realize your on the verge of losing something that is of great value to you. That exactly what happened to me last night. I have been wanting to talk to "Mr.7" about our "casual dating" relationship that has now made it to 4 months. The expectations of us seeing or dating other people is something that I feel needs to be clear to both parties involved. He has more social time than I do because I am a single mom. I thought we should clear the air on what we expected from each other. Much to my dismay, I got a rude awakening that he was getting very use to not seeing me that much. Unfortunatly, it doesnt even bother him anymore. Pretty much saying, If it works it works, if not so be it. Wow, what happened to the boy who I thought was getting closer to me and wanting to be a bigger part of my life ???? I guess somewhere between being a mom and a part-time casual dater to "Mr.7", I didnt take into account that he needed more.
My plan is to go back to the place I started with him 4 months ago and be that fun, loving, free-spirited, independent girl that he thought was so cute and sassy. (When he's into me, he thinks I'm Sassy.) I have too try to make this work. I think he is a great guy and I want him to be part of my life. If I walked away now, I would regret it forever. Wish me luck.

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