Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Busy Mommy

It has been what I would call an extremely unexpected sort of busy. I guess, the saying is true. "God Doesn't Give YOU Anything You Can't Handle". Honestly, I wish he didn't think so highly of me. I recently am pretty much unemployed. My current job cut my hours so low that I actually qualify for unemployment benefits. Well, isn't that great? Not really. It sucks. I've applied so may places, and you think as a Nurse that work would be so easy to come by and it is by far the complete opposite. I'm trying to stay positive and know that there is something absolutely amazing waiting for me. Whatever that is, could it get here already???
The girls are a busy all by themselves. My oldest has moved out on her own. I guess my No Rent, No bills, 1:30 am curfew was just too restrictive. It will be a great lesson on to be learned. Yes, I may have a bit of an issue with her leaving the nest, but it's better than than the constant battle we seemed to have. So, she goes out in the big, big world.
My little one is a happy 7th grader, and starting to become interested in all the "he said, she said" at school. Completely normal. The joys of junior high.
The boy situation is pretty stagnate at this point. I see Mr. 7 every now and then. But recently he was somewhat upset over the fact that my X needed to speak to me in person and i obliged. Didn't see the need to have extra drama with "baby daddy". Too him I was "giving into him" "catering to him". Really? I don't see it that way. How about this; If I can get along with the X, why not??? We have a child that doesn't need any animosity between her parents who both love her and want the best. So I saw the X in person and he thought we could just talked on the phone. Whatever? I don't have time to defend stupid issues like that. It is what it is? He will always be her dad and if I choose to get along with him and you can't handle it, then maybe you need to get along.
So that's the update in a condensed version.

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