Sunday, September 13, 2009


At some point in your life you have to take full responsibility for the relationships that you have with others. We cannot expect people to be the source of our happiness. If you want something, ask. If your unhappy in a situation, change it. Don't let frustration or anger build up inside because your needs are not being met. Unfortunately, there are times that you have to step away from something good because you now that the ultimate result is less than what you desire or deserve. Its like putting water instead of gas in your car and expecting it to run. You intentions are good, but it will never work.
With that being said, I finally put it all out there with Mr.7. I think that after 7 months we should know where we are going. I don't want to be a serial dater. I want a commitment. A man that adores me. A man that is completely honest and open with his feelings about me. My feelings for him are becoming too strong to let things go the way that they are. He is amazing and great too me when we are together, but apart I have no idea where or what he is doing. I don't need to know it all. I'm not a jealous person. But am I the one he wants to be with ? I don't know. He doesn't tell me his plans, wishes or desires. That doesn't work for me. I deserve to be in a relationship where both people are mutually invested. I want it all and it should be simple and easy. No fighting. No conflict. No drama.
I gave him a letter that was very clear in what I wanted. I let him know that if I'm not the one, that is okay as well. I know its out there for me, and I refuse to settle for anything less than what I deserve. So I wait. I let him ponder, read and maybe even re-read. We will see.

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